What a fun, if very warm, day!

Yesterday, thinking the muted light would be great for photos, I headed out and with the light constantly changing, I soon forgot about the heat and had a blast.

I had been hoping to get some shots of the young Bluebirds flitting all about but somehow never in good light until now. Their blue color is now coming out brightly but they are still all speckled and cute.

In the same vicinity I spotted gangs of Cedar Waxwings, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, and young Robins. At this point, the young Cedar Waxwings have the distinctive coloring only on the tips of their tails. Very sweet! The Red-bellies appear as a flash of red deep in the berry bush and the baby robins are all speckled but already mighty fliers!

In the water I found several Green Herons, hidden in the weeds and high up in the trees; one lone female wood duck, Phoebes (the one pictured here missed a good meal right behind her) and other fly catchers, and above them all was a Great Blue Heron who was in that tree for my whole stay at the marsh. Hard not to photograph those prehistoric-looking birds even though my computer tells me it will explode if I try to download another shot of a heron!

My birding day ended in the unexpected sweltering sun in Hadley checking in on the Blue Grosbeaks once again. This time the male was on duty, bringing yummy bugs to the babies. What a stunning bird! I didn’t see the female at all.

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