A couple of weeks with Northern Mockingbirds!

Lots of mockingbird nestlings, fledglings, and angry parents about just now.

My story begins in Nyack NY, where a ripe plum in a playground was the draw. Little ones newly fledged and a parent still feeding them.

That was fun to watch, and then I was just walking along in Hadley and discovered a nest of little ones. That was a couple of days ago and the tree they were in was a sapling redbud. The farmer’s people were trimming them just then and I believe they exposed the nest. That gave me a good look at the nest but also exposed it to predators. I was sure they wouldn’t be there when I returned in the morning. But return I did and to my surprise they were all there. But not for long. I watched the first one take a leap and begin its new life hopping around in the undergrowth. And while I was following him, the next one leapt! When I left, there was only the one, and by now it is certainly down below or has been eaten. Seeing this – little birds I would never have thought ready to fledge leaving the nest – gave me hope that some of the other seemingly abandoned nests I have seen this year were actually empty because the babies were now out and about.

Day 1 – three cute chicks and their very busy parents!

Next morning – still the 3 until they began spreading their proverbial wings.

Late this afternoon I went to see if the eagles were about. One was and, wouldn’t you know it, being harassed by a pair of very determined mockingbirds. From down below I heard loud sounds I now recognize as the call of hungry babies. The eagle finally got so fed up that he flew off, chased quite a ways across the meadow by one of the mockingbirds. This was really fun to watch – and finally some colorful pictures!

And now I’d like to move on to other birds!

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