Fanny Stebbins Wildlife Refuge

Yesterday, between Forest Park and Fanny Stebbins there were Great Blue Herons, Blue-winged Teals, Swans, Swallows, Osprey, Eagles, the Wood Ducks on my previous post, and turtles.

These first two shots were actually taken at Forest Park. From there I went over to Fanny Stebbins where the rest of the pictures were taken. For size comparison, check out the little Wood Ducks.

In the evening sun at Stebbins. But oops! that take off! That’s what happens when you are too close to the bird.

The landing

The Blue-winged Teal are less common around here than some other ducks. Unfortunately, these guys were content just to dabble – no flights or even wing stretches to show their colors yesterday. Still a lovely duck!

While watching the Teals, one of the Bald Eagles flew out of the nest and hovered above for a bit. That is a truly massive wingspread!

Every year there are more swans. I saw two nests. Soon there will be adorable signet pictures, I hope!

Just for fun, I spent a few minutes trying to get some picture of swallows in flight. There were mostly tree swallows but also northern rough-winged and barn swallows in the mix.

And then I looked up and saw something considerably larger than a swallow – the local Osprey was right above me.

And finally a little turtle seen catching a bit of sun at Forest Park that afternoon.

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