Plum Island, MA

So many birds; so little time!

It will be a while before I’m proud of my warbler photos, but just for fun I’m putting up a few. Plum Island is a “go to” spot for warblers in May. There were birders everywhere when we arrived – at 7:00 we were obviously very late!

Patience is definitely the name of this game – hearing many but seeing nothing! Then a little spot of yellow will pop out, still in the shadows probably. All the cameras start clicking! Next year I will be ready for this event, the marvelous warbler migration weeks!

Here are a few of the birds I managed to capture.

The Black-throated Green Warbler

The Cape May Warbler

The Magnolia Warbler

The more common Yellow Warbler

The Redstart

Most of the Plum Island beaches were closed off to protect the Piping Plover nesting areas. Still there were several shore birds to watch.

Least Terns were having a very successful fishing morning.

A beautiful Snowy Egret in the reeds, then taking off in her little yellow dancing shoes.

There was a gull picking out crabs and a Willet at a distance.

And finally, perched right at the side of one of the small parking areas, a Bobolink gave us a great photo op.

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