Cormorants also have to eat

Pretty big fish for a fairly small bird!

It occurred to me while I was up in Maine this week that I had never actually seen a Cormorant (or Shag, as they are known up there) with a fish. The Shags are actually a different species but they are very hard to tell apart from Cormorants. I’m not sure which these are. But I digress.

On my last morning on Cape Split, I spent quite a while on the deck above the bay trying to get a shot of them just as they surfaced from their dives and, indeed, they do catch a lot of fish (of course!) Mostly they caught the small ones as in the first two in this series, but then, just as the sun went in, one came up with a Pogie, the fish desperate to get away from the seals in an earlier post, and made a good meal of it!

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