My 3 days in Charlestown, RI

After a month of one rainy day after another, my visit to the shore was a terrific change of pace. Beautiful weather and great company. At least they were great company. I think I was a bit boring with my eye in my view finder, glued to the sky and the water.

Although we have Cormorants here in the rivers and ponds, they are always a distance away. These guys are so used to boats and people, you have to be careful not to run over one. Here are my Cormorant portraits from this week. I love their lustrous feathers, their orange beaks, and their bright blue eyes!

Egrets are also often seen out here in Western MA, but not on my lawn! Here was a beauty up close and then a nearby fly by.

We also have a lot of Kingfishers in the marshlands around Amherst, but I was able to have my morning coffee on the patio while watching this lady Kingfisher have her breakfast. That she could swallow such big fish, and 2 in the course of 10 minutes, amazed me. She did look a bit stuffed! I can’t imagine how she was able to fly afterwards!

I really wanted to see an Osprey catch a fish, but all I saw were unfruitful dives.

There was a swallow haven on the property. We sat and watched them bringing in beetles, bringing out dreck, and chasing away predators such as the Cooper’s Hawk.

Seagulls, omnipresent but still amusing.

These two seemed to have a “thing” for one another. They hung out separate from the others for about 10 minutes before flying off together.


  1. The website is a real gem- I absolutely love it. Marjorie not only has the talent of taking truly fantastic bird photos but provides a personal and humourous narrative that gives one the feeling of actually being there with her.
    Looking forward to more!

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