Big Birds Flying Free

Red-tailed Hawk, Osprey, Eagle, Heron, and Swans

The day started off with a Red-tailed Hawk high in a tree. I was far enough in the distance that I don’t think I caused it to take off, but that’s what it did a moment later. It flew off towards the woods and then circled around another couple of times. Fun for the photographer!

I try to only post really clear shots on this site, but the leaf color was so pretty, I couldn’t resist showing this distant Osprey against the autumn red and yellow. It came closer later on while fishing (though not productively this time.)

The resident Bald Eagle perched far away, then briefly up close before flying off.

A Great Blue Heron flew in, chasing off a fishing competitor and making a racket, as they tend to do in flight.

Finally, the lovely swans always seem to know where they will show themselves off to their best advantage!

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