The Mighty Red-tailed Hawk

Note the evidence on his beak of a recent meal!

Heading back to my car at the end of an afternoon without many birds, although there were a couple of nice little guys, I saw a woman looking up at this beautiful hawk on the top of a pole. I managed to get a couple of nice pictures of him in the bright, last rays of sun before another woman walked by and loudly said, “What are you looking at up there?” at which point we were now looking at an empty perch! But not before he mooned me on his way off. He flew in a big circle and landed again on the next pole, even lower than the first. When everyone had walked on, I was able to stand right under the pole, so close that I could barely fit him in my viewfinder! It felt as though I could have reached out and strokes him.

I hope you enjoy me sharing yet another red-tailed moment with you.

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