The Lordly Bald Eagles

I spent some nice time a couple of weeks ago with Mr. (on the left) and Mrs. (on the right) eagle as they chilled out over the Connecticut River at the Oxbow in Northampton. She showed him her beautiful wing and he did the same. 

He showed her his beautiful white tail feathers – maybe too polite to mention that hers had a brown streak on them. 

She carefully turned around to see the other side of the river and he wondered why she bothered when all she really had to do was turn her head.

He pooped while she looked on and then nicely turned away as she did the same. (You don’t want to stand underneath these guys!)

She took a dive; a spin out over the water; a steep banking maneuver; then back to perch on the far post this time. 

A few minutes later she took a last dive and was gone. 

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