Roadside Red-tailed Hawk

Two days ago was one of those “you can’t win” days. I spent an hour where I was sure to find Harrier Hawks and Bald Eagles and nothing was flying. Then when I was almost home I almost hit a male Harrier who flew right in front of my car and a mile later a Bald Eagle flew over head off to the river. Then yesterday I went looking for the little Hooded Merganser ducks people said were back at the pond and the pond was empty but a female harrier was hunting in the field, Cedar Waxwings were in the trees and I couldn’t get even one good shot. So I went off to UMass to do errands and right next to the music building, there was this hawk, happily feasting on a squirrel and ignoring passers by, cars, bikes, people, and me taking photos.

Handsome Bird!

Happy Bird (sad about the squirrel though)

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