The little guys!

Birds are getting scarce; many have headed south while others seem to be hanging about, perhaps confused with the warm weather. Farmers are cutting down the sumac and bushes where they were nesting. I realize that the birds have been poaching on the farmer’s land all summer, but seeing the sparrows and warblers suddenly with nowhere to go brings the issue of “loss of habitat” home, so to speak. There is more brush around but I’m guessing it is the territory of other birds.

I thought I would show some of the pictures of these little birds from the last month, mostly taken in Hadley, MA

Sparrows and finches taking a bath after a heavy rain

The Palm Warblers were around for a few weeks.

A new bird for me was the little Pipit. All of a sudden, they were the birds on the wires this week.

Bluebirds, Northern Flickers, Woodpeckers, Phoebes and Tufted Titmice in plentiful numbers.

There have been plenty of Yellow-rumped Warblers around; these are some of my favorite shots from the past days.

Another warbler, new to me (they all are, actually!) is the Northern Parula Warbler that I spotted in Maine.

Lots of yellow birds closer to home: the Yellow Warbler and the Common Yellow Throat Warbler and many Goldfinches feasting on my drying echinacea.

So that is a pretty good sampling of the little guys (and gals) I’ve been able to spot and photograph.

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