Great Blue Herons

Several visits with the Norwottuck Rail Trail this spring.

Watching a Heron fish takes patience. They have endless patience, it seems, and will stand in the water for 45 minutes or longer. That makes the moment when they dive in all the more exciting. Here are two examples taken the same day – 2 different birds.

This heron flew right at me. I just put my camera up and shot – this was all I got on the first 2 shots. Then he landed in a tree right nest to me.

Here is what I presume to be a young heron, based on its light coloration. That could be totally wrong, but it doesn’t look as beat up as many of the others.

Sometimes it’s fun to photograph the birds when they look silly. Here is the light colored bird again, waterlogged and trying to walk across a shaky log.

And finally here are some nice portraits and some more funny pictures of the Great Blue Heron.

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