Fanny Stebbins 4/2

The Fanny Stebbins conservation area never disappoints.

Greeted at the first pond by a couple of pairs of Wood Ducks, the afternoon was off to a good start.

Down the way, an eagle flew by and landed in a tree for a while then flew off to the nest.

In the water below, 2 Cormorants were swimming around, not fishing while I was there, but posing nicely.

Ring-necked ducks were also still hanging around.

Then suddenly right above me, the was Osprey on the way to the nest.

I figured I had seen about all there was to see in the ponds so I headed over to Forest Park to see if I could find the Wood Ducks I had been told about. And find them I did! And what wonderful colors in the late day sun.

And then a late day surprise – my first Northern Flicker of the season – and 2 for 1 as it turned out. I watched him look for insects then fly up into the tree where he was met by another male. Bit of a rough landing for that one, but he recovered!

All in all, a lovely day!


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