Eagle Fledgling

Patience, bird watchers! I’m not going to fly today.

The 3 Eaglets have fledged in the past weeks. I have only been able to get there a couple of times. I was glad to see that they are still hanging near the nest. Yesterday one was quite close to the path so that’s the one I photographed; another was seen at a distance; the third was heard in the nest. None were flying, the parents weren’t around, and so I had to settle for subtle changes which I now share with you. Be happy you weren’t the one standing in the mosquito infested swamp to view this magnificent bird!

The Squawk
“Man! It’s a long way down!”
Following the conductor!


  1. You see such a different world through your lens. I saw much of that with you in Charlestown, but your record of it is completely different than what I was able to see, with commentary just enough to illuminate. Thanks! Amazing. Did the plovers elude you? I thought you got some shots of those on East Beach.

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