Bremen’s other birds, big and small

From the Great Cormorants and ubiquitous gulls, to the little song birds, Bremen birds gave great delight.

The most common of the little birds was ironically called the Great Tit. They are tiny and have a sweet peeping tone.

Then there was a tree creeper, also very pretty, but not around as much.

The Great Cormorants were very active every day. The first 2 pictures were taken on a truly frigid day!

Of course there were gulls everywhere, stealing and scrapping with one another. I chose a couple of portraits to share instead of showing the daily chaos they created.

Likewise the Mallard ducks. I love the pattern symmetry of the beak and feathers on the preening female.

The trees were full of pigeons; some quite elegant, actually.

And finally the Eurasian Blackbird with its yellow eye rings and beak and the hungry crow, with his mouth full of what looks like half a baguette.

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