Beavers, dam repairs

Watching a small family of beavers. 4/28/23

Three beavers, one seemed to be a young one, diligently dam up the pond, only to have it opened up again – a recurring song and dance between the beaver family and the conservation land management people. Here they are dragging bunches of twigs and leaves and large logs from under their lodge to repair the dam. Unfortunately, beavers are active late in the day so the light wasn’t particularly advantageous. I think this post needs some color so at the bottom I have a picture of another beaver enjoying the last sun earlier this week.

When they get to the dam, they set to work organizing the logs. In this sequence, one of them is bringing in a big one, trying to figure out how to maneuver it and finally deciding the best method is simply to shove in into place. I can relate to this!

In these photos, the small beaver eagerly brings in a branch, practically knocks over one of the other beavers, drops it off and swims back out for more.

Of course, a big part of the work involves gnawing through the larger branches. Here is one of the bigger beavers doing just that. It took a few minutes but he got it done.

And here is the smaller one with a size (age) appropriate gnawing task. I have to say, this little one was truly an eager beaver!

The beaver family didn’t exactly work together manipulating the materials, but they definitely worked together on the project. At the end of an hour or so, they had patched up the dam – for the moment, at least!

At the dam, where they were literally within petting distance but for the water barrier, it was possible to get some fun close up shots. They ignored the people, focused only on getting their job done.

And check out these orange teeth on the little fellow!

At the Wentworth Conservation area. 4/26

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these busy beavers at work!

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