A few birds, despite lack of sun!

Check out my amazing eyes!

On the way from Portland to South Addison, ME, I saw three nests with Ospreys ready to fledge. The parents were nearby but not as interesting to photograph as the babies. Check out the “hair” styles!

The next nest also had one baby in it but was too far for a good shot. However, right across the road, half in the woods, was another recently fledged Osprey getting ready to fly off, stretching its wings, pooping, and then taking off. An annoying mosquito prevented me from getting the flight itself!

That was not all there was to see en route, however. I stopped to check GPS and right there next to the road was this fantastic rooster strutting his stuff!

The next day, on a short walk along the beach at low tide with my sister, we saw Sandpipers and Common Ringed Plovers a plenty. Here are the Plovers in flight and some Sandpiper portraits.

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