A Baltimore Oriole Bonanza

Strikingly beautiful birds!

There seem to be more Baltimore Orioles this year than in any of the other years I’ve been watching. Everywhere I go this summer, there are orioles. The brilliantly orange males catch your eye immediately. The females are more subtly colored but they are very active and fun to watch. A couple of weeks ago I posted pictures of the nest I had been watching. The little guys hopping out of the nest for the first time was unbelievably cute to see. My computer warned me that it might blow up if I continued to bring home picture of orioles, but that obviously hasn’t stopped me, as you will see!

Here is a male flying around the Wentworth Conservation Area at sunset.

And here is a female at the mulberry tree at the Arcadia Audubon Area,

and another male, also at that tree,

and a young one learning to pick its own berries,

and a sweet moment with dad and baby.

Last night I watched a little guy chasing his father all around the tree, begging for food. In this case, the father clearly wanted to be left alone!

But then he relented and fed his baby.

To my surprise, as it got to be quite dark, the father joined two chicks to pick up berries from the ground under the tree.

Here is a “build your own story” collection. I think of it as managing the harem! (along the Norwottuck Rail Trail) They were soon chased off by an aggressive Red-winged Blackbird.

Finally, for now, deep in the woods at Arcadia – a lone male foraging in the bushes.

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